Weekly Announcements

New Announcements for March 31:

Hi, all!  Club this week is the same schedule as last week.  Part 1 of the night is class via Zoom.  Part 2 of the night is the Ladder on ChessKid (scroll down for info on that).
Here are the links for the Zoom classes this week.  Class starts promptly at 5 PM.  I’m attaching the coaching roster again in case anyone is unsure of their class.  Give yourself a few minutes before then to get in.  A couple of them may require a password (included below), but I think the password is built into the link, so you’d only need that if you are accessing Zoom from a device where you don’t have the link to click on (you can always join a meeting with the meeting ID, which is always the string of numbers after zoom.us/j/ in the URL, with dashes or spaces between each three numbers.
Coaches, please take attendance.

Guppies:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/832896776 — No ladder, done after class.  Feel free to play on ChessKid after if you like.

Minnows:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/285859098

Rockfish:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/845934344

Swordfish: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/432551813

Dolphins:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/127704151

Sharks:   https://us04web.zoom.us/j/231286474?pwd=YVdBK0MzejFhaEhHWUNTTzE1ekxZdz09

Meeting ID:  231-286-474

Password:  583572

Orcas:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/917420728

Megaldons/Mosasaurus:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/312728468

Candidate Masters:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/579557541?pwd=djN2U3FneDNLalhDWHdYeWk3S2ErUT09

Meeting ID: 579 557 541

Password: 016962

Candidate Masters will meet for 90 minutes.  They are not on the Ladder.

PART 2:  Ladder

Here are the ladder pairings as of today:

1.      Shrihan M vs Lucian G     (LONGOUTSIDE BOAT v.COOL ULTIMATE CHEETAH)   ** this is a change**

2.      Caleb H vs Aiden D (FORMAL COLD v. SLOW POETIC FAMILY)

3.      Eeshan D. Vs Aneesh D (OAFISH MOSQUITO v. FOAMY SEA)

4.      Shrihan P. vs Sophia B (STANDING TRAP v. LATE SPARKLY STREET)

5.      Anora C. vs. Layla B (INKY DASHING FOX v. ELATED TOOTHBRUSH)

6.      Delilah EC vs Phineas J (MAGNETIC GLITTER v. THIRD GEAR)

7.      Abram S. vs Duncan C (PURE SMART ROCK V. ICKY PRICKLY GULLY)


9.      Jackson T. v Kenneth W (GUARDED MICE v REGULAR PAWN)

10.  William J   still awaiting email back!!

11.  Jacob B v Lily Bowman (LYING PIZZA v SOFT FELINE)

12.  Aiden H vs Maddox J (MILITARY BRAIN v ACTUAL FAN)

13.  Eli Hoyt v Xander S (GREEN METAL v FAULTY SOCK)

14.  Maddox Coulter vs Kristina Faunda (SLIM SILKY COBWEB v CAUTIOUS BAGPIPE)

15.  Jadon Gary v Anson Lin (SKILLED SEAL v CERTAIN BROOM)

YOU HAVE UNTIL 5 PM MONDAY (NOT TUESDAY) TO MAKE A LADDER CHALLENGE.  The Ladder is attached, with names that are grayed out being taken already, and the three numbers in red being kids who are not actively on ChessKid (and so may not show up for a challenge).  The final list of challenges will be sent out Tuesday morning.

EVERYONE REPORT TO CHESSKID FAST CHESS and open the friends/clubmates tab at 6:15 PM.  WAIT THERE.  DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE TO A GAME.  I will manually pair people up.  Your game will start automatically.  Challenger will have white.

See you online Tuesday!


Inclement Weather Policy

HRSCC follows the guidance of Virginia Beach City Public Schools for cancellations.  If school is cancelled or released early, or if after school activities are cancelled due to inclement weather, HRSCC will be cancelled that day.

Standing Announcements:

Please continue to sign up to Volunteer (once per month required).  Use the link pinned to the top of the Facebook page or from the Volunteer tab on the HRSCC dropdown menu to sign up in advance.  Our volunteer coordinator is logging your hours for the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards (adults and kids).  If you would like to submit retroactive hours, please see Amy Nichols at club.

It is imperative that you let Coach Tina know in advance if you will NOT be at club.  This allows us to enter Byes in advance and know how many board numbers to lay out, saving time and allowing us to run each club meeting smoothly.  E-Mail prior to 4 PM on Tuesdays if possible.  Last minute absences (e.g. child comes home sick from school, car breaks down, impossible traffic, etc.) should be texted to 757-535-3880 prior to 5:30 PM, as should planned late arrivals.  Rounds will start between 6 and 6:15 PM weekly, so if you can guarantee arrival by 6, you will be paired (but you will miss training).  If you are a “no show” (absent with no notice), you will receive a zero point bye for that night’s round.  If your absence is known in advance, you are entitled to one half point bye per tournament.  Subsequent absences will receive a zero point bye for the same tournament.  Despite these pleas, we continue to have a few no-shows each week.

Chess Bucks:  Chess bucks (which replaced tickets) are awarded at check-in for ChessKid usage, tournament attendance, homework, etc.  See the Weekly Homework tab on the HRSCC dropdown menu for your assignments!   The chess store will be open each week for you to purchase items with your chess bucks.