Weekly Homework


As a general suggestion, kids are strongly encouraged to continue working daily on ChessKid or Chess.com — playing games, solving puzzles, advancing levels, watching videos, etc. Finally, parents are encouraged to secure a private coach for their children.  See the link on our website for a list of coaches. Below you will find the assigned weekly homework!

Guppies: See email from Coach Rey.

Minnows: Complete ten puzzles and one level on ChessKid.

Rockfish: Play games and practice puzzles on ChessKid, and you can also challenge your coaches to a slow game. Coach Robbie is hotdogbob, Coach Dick is crscruffy, and Coach Brian is TinyHugePanda.

1.  Earn stars by completing puzzles, spinning the wheel, solving the daily puzzle, and playing 15 minute fast play games.

2. Complete a lesson and level up.

Dolphins Combined: TBD.

Sharks: Check your ChessKid inbox for specific instructions from Coach Larry.

Orcas: Bring one of your tournament games.  Legible, naturally, on a sheet of paper that you don’t need back.  A decent game worth looking at, not a game where your opponent dropped all their pieces or got checkmated in 5 moves.

Megalodons/Mosasaurus Combined:

White plays. Checkmate in 3 moves.

Candidate Masters: No formal homework. Continue with self-study and be ready to talk about what you have been working on next class.