Proud to be named 2017 Chess Club of the Year by United States Chess

The Hampton Roads Chess Association (HRCA) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing the benefits of chess to people of all ages and abilities across our region.

Please explore our website to see populations we serve, such as youth and adult competitive chess players, schools, at-risk youth, people with disabilities, the elderly, veterans, and Scouts.


HRCA Corona Virus Update.

Our “adult club,” HRCC, will be returning in person on September 15th under strict COVID protocols.  Keep checking the HRCC page for updates and procedures if you want to play!  If you are an adult interested in taking classes, see the link below for the Virtual Chess Center, as some classes are open to adults!

Our children’s programming, both the tournament club (HRSCC) and our virtual classes in our new Virtual Chess Center will be operating entirely online for the 2020-2021 season.  We will keep looking for opportunities for the kids to return to over-the-board tournaments when it is safe.  Our notorious wait list has been eliminated.  All classes and programs are open to the public.  There are some prerequisites (training) for the tournament club, and some classes (Masters level) require coach approval, but check out the Virtual Chess Center link above for our amazing offerings!  Classes start September 14th.

 HRCA Updates

This area has updates about organizational actions and information for our members. As time passes, this information will be archived at our archive. Click to view.

5/1/2020 HRCA Leadership and organizational change.  Since our inception, the HRCA and it’s activities have been run by our Board of Directors.  Thanks to the hard work of Christina Schweiss, our Board, and our volunteers, the organization has had very significant growth and it has become extremely difficult for only the Board to run the organization and our activities.  The HRCA Board of Directors held a meeting on 4/27/2020. At this meeting the following actions were taken to reorganize the HRCA.  1. Christina Schweiss resigned as President and board member.  2. The position of Executive Director was established and Christina Schweiss has taken that position. She will be concentrating on running and expanding our chess activities. The Board will concentrate on the governance of the HRCA. Several of our Board members have been and will remain active in running our chess activities and assisting the ED. 3. Board member Jeffrey Forbes was elected as the new HRCA President and will serve the remaining portion of the one year term of the President’s position.  Click to see Christina’s letter.  Leadership Transition Letter to Members

As a result of the change, the Board is short one member.  If you are willing to serve on the HRCA board, please email Ernest Schlich  and let us know of your willingness to be nominated for the vacant board position and serve if elected.

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