The Hampton Roads Scholastic Chess Club


IMPORTANT NEWS!  The HRSCC has ceased meeting physically on Tuesdays for the remainder of the season due to the corona virus.

All School school chess programs and all tournaments are physically shut down through June 12th.  The HRSCC  will continue all scheduled activity online, including Zoom classes and tournaments on ChessKid.  Tournaments for the HRCC are being held on See the HRCC page. We hope to see you back in person when possible.

HRSCC is currently full.

Please contact us to be placed on a wait list or for more information.  We will work with our wait listed families to provide other opportunities to begin their chess journey while they wait for fall enrollment and/or a club slot to open up (HRSCC is capped at 150 active members at any given time).

Hampton Roads Scholastic Chess Club (HRSCC) provides formal chess training and competition opportunities for children in grades Pre-K through 12 of all abilities, from learning how to move the pieces to national competition.

Site:    Eastminster Presbyterian Church
3229 MacDonald Road in
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Enter through door on the side of the church (from the parking lot).

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 When:   Watch for Coronavirus updates  The club meets every Tuesday during the school year from 5 to 7:15 pm.  During the summer, HRCA runs a chess academy, same time and place, which is open to the public.

Cost: $20 annual  registration fee, monthly dues of $10, $10 annual HRCA membership, $15 annual ChessKid Gold (required, for online training). Discounts for multi-child families available.  Thanks to the Joan H. Schlich Memorial Scholarship Fund, no child will be turned away for inability to pay.

About:  Our club provides formal training with background-checked and US Chess certified coaches in the following ability groups:

Guppies:  Ages 4-6 unrated beginners — special curriculum and pace – do not participate in tournaments or ladder

Minnows:  Ages 7+ absolute beginners, unrated

Rockfish:  All ages unrated, having shown a solid foundation in the basics of the game, ready to learn tactics, preparing to go rated

Swordfish:  US Chess rating under 300

Dolphins:  US Chess rating 300-500

Sharks:  US Chess rating 500-700

Orcas:  US Chess rating 700-900

Megalodons:  US Chess rating 900-1100

Mosasaurus:  US Chess rating 1100+ still desiring primarily scholastic competition

Candidate Masters:  US Chess rating 1100+ (lower by exception) desiring open competition, travel tournaments, and eventual achievement of National Master level.  Current students range form just below 1100 to almost 1800.  Taught by six-time/reigning State Champion NM Daniel Miller.

Most nights involve a 45 minute to 1 hour training session, followed by a tournament round or quick event, and a ladder game to round out the night.  See the schedule links below for more information.


                      See the current tournament standings           HRSCC Schedule 2019-2020

HRSCC 2019-2020 Schedule at a Glance

Hampton Roads Scholastic Chess Club Ladder Rules